Dual Growing Rods for the Treatment of Early-Onset Scoliosis
Gregory M. Mundis, MD; Nima Kabirian, MD; Behrooz A. Akbarnia, MD


Introduction The dual growing-rod technique involves implantation of a set of two rods and two anchor groups (upper and lower foundations) to exert frequent distractions to allow for spinal growth.

Step 1: (Initial Surgery): Positioning Pay special attention to the effect of positioning on sagittal alignment.

Step 2: (Initial Surgery): Neuromonitoring Use multimodality intraoperative neuromonitoring, including SSEPs, MEPs, EMG, and H-Reflexes.

Step 3: (Initial Surgery): Exposure Avoid broad exposure of uninstrumented levels to prevent the risk of spontaneous fusion.

Step 4: (Initial Surgery): Preparation of Foundations The foundation is an assembly of at least four anchors at two or three vertebrae along with one or two rods.

Step 5: (Initial Surgery): Choosing the Anchors Use hooks or pedicle screws for the proximal foundation and use bilateral pedicle screws (a four-anchor construct) for the distal foundation.

Step 6: (Initial Surgery): Rod Contouring and Rod Assembly Cut two 4.5-mm rods and contour them to the appropriate sagittal and coronal alignment, being careful not to overcorrect in the sagittal and coronal planes.

Step 7 (Initial Surgery): Tandem Connector Attachment Place a tandem connector at the thoracolumbar junction to allow for future lengthening.

Step 8 (Initial Surgery): Final Implant Assembly Pass the preassembled rods and tandem connector from caudad to cephalad beneath the fascia, securing them to the foundation and performing the first lengthening.

Step 9 (Initial Surgery): Wound Closure Gentle handling of the skin and associated deeper tissues is essential to avoid complications.

Steps 1 and 2 (Lengthening): Positioning and Neuromonitoring These are the same as those for the initial surgery.

Step 3 (Lengthening): Exposure Make one incision between the two connectors on or in line with the original incision.

Step 4 (Lengthening): Lengthening Inside Versus Outside the Tandem Connector Lengthening can be performed inside or outside the tandem connector.

Step 5 (Lengthening): …

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