About JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques

Evolving Practice in Orthopaedics

JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques is a dedicated learning environment for orthopaedic surgeons, from seasoned veterans to those just starting out in this field.

Easy to read, easy to absorb: Each surgical procedure is described step by step and illustrated extensively with images to encourage greater understanding of the procedure and concepts. Video excerpts are frequent features. Indications, contraindications, pitfalls, and challenges are clearly highlighted, and an interactive commenting and discussion feature creates the opportunity to share your knowledge and seek consultation on issues from the author and your peers.

Peer reviewed and derived from a top-quality published clinical article: You can be confident that these procedures are based on solid scientific concepts because the outcome of each procedure has already been verified by a peer-reviewed publication. All articles are derived from a top-quality published clinical article and subjected to a rigorous peer-review process. They are published online as soon as possible, so this information reaches you earlier rather than later.

Editorial Board

Edward Y. Cheng, Editor
David D. Aronsson, Associate Editor for Pediatric Orthopaedics
Lars Engebretsen, Associate Editor for Sports
Nicola Fabbri, Associate Editor for Oncology and Education
Scott H. Kozin, Associate Editor for Hand
Mark S. Myerson, Associate Editor for Foot and Ankle
Andrew H. Schmidt, Associate Editor for Trauma
Eeric Truumees, Associate Editor for Spine

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