Instructions for Authors

The surgical technique articles presented in JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques are based on clinical studies that have been previously published or accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Potential surgical technique articles may be submitted without invitation. Articles based upon procedures with outcomes published in JBJS or other journals may also be submitted after invitation by editors. Although preferable, authors of submitted manuscripts need not be an author of the paper describing the procedure's outcome. JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques does not publish "stand-alone" technique articles unsupported by published outcomes.

As an online journal, JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques is not constrained by the limitations of a print medium. Authors are expected to utilize the advantages of multimedia, when appropriate, to enhance educational value. Separate video clips (either surgical video or sawbones/cadaver demonstrations) may be embedded in-line with the text to demonstrate specific procedural steps. Authors should also consider how best to use instructional material. In addition to line diagrams, other examples are sequential series of radiographs, advanced cross sectional images, cine of MRI/CT 2-D and 3-D series sequences, fluoroscopic cine, motion animation, video of therapy exercises, video of patients demonstrating functional outcome/range of motion/other activities.

Ethics and Legal Matters

Articles are accepted for exclusive publication in JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques. Published articles and illustrations become the property of JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques.

Please review our full Ethics Policy before submitting your technique.

Submission of Manuscript

JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques uses a web-based service, provided by Editorial Manager, requiring authors to submit and track manuscripts electronically. Authors must register via www.editorialmanager.com/st. After registering on the site, you will receive a confidential user name and password via email that will enable you to access the system and submit your manuscript. Users who have already registered for an Editorial Manager account for The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery will not need to register again—please use your existing user name and password instead.

When you submit an article, the following items must be included:

  1. JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques Template: The template (http://sites.jbjs.org/est/est_template.docx) must be used to develop and write your manuscript for JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques. It must be uploaded as the main manuscript attachment when submitting your paper online. Submissions that do not comply with the required format will not be considered.

    This file is a structured form that you fill in, thereby facilitating composition of your paper. When writing, you must insert the text in the shaded area between the brackets. Multiple sentences are allowable. Although an outline format is used, please write in complete sentences. Use sufficient detail to enable a general orthopaedic surgeon to understand each step. Avoid usage of abbreviations or sub-specialty specific jargon. Place your cursor directly within the area that reads "Click here to enter text" and then click. You will only be able to enter text into these editable fields. Although the font and formatting will be set by the publisher, special characters are allowed. (Please use superscript format for numerical reference designations in the text and DO NOT use embedded citations from reference management software, e.g, EndNote®. If desired, you may use reference management software to format a list of non-embedded references in a separate file and then copy/paste this text into the template document file) Please use Microsoft Word® as other word processing software may not work properly. The file can be saved as either a .docx or .doc file.

    When opening this file, on either a Windows PC or Apple device, you may be asked if you want to Enable Macros or Disable Macros. Select Disable Macros.

  2. Figures: Illustrations accompanying your manuscript must be submitted electronically and be in either TIFF or EPS format. Please upload these as separate files and do not embed images into other software programs.

    Any digital manipulation of an image—color, contrast, brightness, etc.—must be applied to the entire image and may not result in misrepresentation of the original image. Enhancement or alteration of part of an image, without clear and explicit disclosure in the legend, is unacceptable.

    Image files should be named appropriately and include the number of the figure (e.g., Figure1.tif, Figure2.eps, etc.). When completing the online submission form, remember to enter the name and number of the figure (Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.) into the "description" field. This description should match the name of the image file.

    Color images must be RGB (not CMYK). We cannot alter or vouch for the quality of color reproductions.

    In accordance with the HIPAA privacy statute, remove any writing that could identify the patient (e.g., names, initials, patient numbers).

    When using a digital camera to create your images, if possible set the camera to save in TIFF format (not JPEG), set the resolution to a minimum of 300 ppi (pixels per inch), and set the size of the image to 5 × 7 in (127 × 178 mm).

    The resolution of your electronic images is critical and is directly linked to how well they will appear when printed. Color and grayscale images, such as radiographs, must have a minimum resolution of 300 ppi, and line-art drawings must have a minimum resolution of 1200 ppi. An original image size of 5 × 7 in (127 × 178 mm) is preferred.

    For questions regarding electronic submission of images, contact the Production Department at dtp@jbjs.org.

  3. Audio, Video, and other Multimedia Material: Audio, short video clips, and other multimedia material can be included at the time of submission in Editorial Manager. Please refer to our Author Video Guidelines before submitting video with your article. All file types are accepted, but very large files may not load in the time allowed (generally files under 300 MB can be uploaded with a broadband connection; a lesser connection may struggle with files larger than several megabytes). Reviewers and editors can access the files using links built into the PDF. If you have difficulty sending us your multimedia file(s) through the site, please contact editorial@surgicaltechniques.org for additional assistance.

  4. Copyright Transfer and Author Agreement: Material appearing in JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques is covered by copyright. All authors must sign a Copyright Transfer and Author Agreement form upon submission of the manuscript to JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques. The form must reference the manuscript title on the first page. It must be scanned and uploaded in PDF format online or sent in via email. Electronic signatures are not acceptable. Given the unique nature of surgical video, if authors wish to retain copyright, they may sign over perpetual usage rights of the video content specifically to JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques (see point 7 below).

  5. Potential Conflict of Interest Statement: Authors of manuscripts must complete a Conflict of Interest Statement at the time of submission of each manuscript. The form must be completed electronically and reference the manuscript title. This disclosure has no bearing on the editorial decision to publish a manuscript. That decision will continue to be based solely on the value of the article to the readers of JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques. No article will be published until completed conflict of interest forms have been received from all authors. The forms will be accessible to readers of the published article. FAXED FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

  6. Figure Permissions Form: JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques discourages submission of illustrations that have been published elsewhere. When such illustrations are deemed essential, the author must include a letter, from the original holder of the copyright, granting permission to reproduce the illustration. Give a full citation for the previous publication, as you would in your reference list. Indicate figures requiring permission by completing the figure permissions form and uploading the form as an attachment.

  7. Video Permissions: Authors are permitted to maintain the copyright of any videos that are included with the submission. However, authors must grant JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques unlimited license to use the video online and complete the video permissions form. Please contact editorial@surgicaltechniques.org for more information regarding this policy if needed.

  8. Original Published Manuscript: Please include a copy of the original peer-reviewed article upon which the technique article is based. This step is optional if the paper was originally published in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. All JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques submissions must be based on a previously peer-reviewed publication in the existing scientific literature.


The order of authors' names reflects only the preference of the authors. Each author must have contributed significantly to, and be willing to take public responsibility for, the manuscript. All authors must have been actively involved in the drafting and critical revision of the manuscript, and each must provide final approval of the version to be published. Individuals who have contributed to only one section of the manuscript should be credited in an acknowledgement footnote. Please refer to http://jbjs.org/public/instructionsauthors.aspx#Authorship for additional information regarding our authorship guidelines.

Review of Manuscripts

Manuscripts are evaluated by the editorial staff of JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques and are peer-reviewed. Please click here for a complete overview of the peer review process.

Embargo Policy for Accepted Manuscripts

Information concerning or contained in your article cannot be discussed with the media, published, broadcast, posted online, or otherwise placed in the public domain until after the publication date of the issue. JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques is posted electronically at 1:30 p.m. ET on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Divulging the status of your article (accepted, under review, etc.) is also not allowed. It is your responsibility to ensure that all coauthors are aware of this policy.

Please review the full Confidentiality and Embargo Policy for additional details.